Heli-Skiing in Almaty

6 hours

One-day heli-skiing program in the mountains near Almaty city. One day of...


Heli-Skiing in Altai

8 hours

Heli-skiing program in the Altai mountains (near Ridder city). Heli-skiing on 5...

Cat Skiing

Cat Skiing in Kazakhstan

1 days

The first catskiing base in Kazakhstan located in the Western Altai mountain...

Heli-Ski Touring

Heli-Ski Touring in Tuyuksu

5 days

Сombined five-day skitouring-heliskiing program in Tuyuksu. For fans of freeriding from a...

Heli-Ski Touring

Heli-Ski Touring in Turgen

4 days

Four-day heli-ski touring program in the Turgen region. Accommodation in a Kazakh...

Heli-Cat Skiing

Heli-Cat Skiing in Altai

7 days

The heli-skiing area in the East-Kazakhstan region is large. These are 5...